Have Camera, Will Travel

“Have Camera, Will Travel” (to paraphrase a once-popular series).   I’ve been privileged to experience the beaches of Normandy, the wines of Tuscany, the ruins of the Maya, the desolation of The Little Big Horn, the private rain cloud of Petersburg, Alaska, and the stark contrasts of the Drumheller Badlands just west of Calgary.  Seen the farm fields of McAllen, Texas, and the Mt. Shasta view from Weed, California.  Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine.  Winthrop, Washington to Hilton Head Island, SC.  Athens, Georgia to Athens, Ohio.  Coachella, California to Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Naples, Florida, and Naples, Italy.  Williston, North Dakota to Monroe, Louisiana.  Every place is unique, and each leaves a memory until the mental hard drive starts spilling data in all directions.  Real hard drives in my closet delaminating as bits and pieces of images from all of those destinations bleed back into the ether of space and time.